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    Unanswered: Unable to connect to server message when configuring replication...

    I'm using SQL Server 2005. I'm trying to setup replication on it. When I right-click on the Replication folder and select "Configure Distribution", I get an error saying "SQL Server is unable to connect to server 'HC-DB'."

    The message further states that I should "specify the actual server name, 'HC-SQLSRV'. (Replication.Utilities)"

    I don't know where the HC-SQLSRV is coming from--I'm assuming that someone had changed the name of this SQL server at some point. How can I go about fixing this? Thanks!

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    First check the destination server name specially SQL instance name.
    Did you guys recently change the server name? if so you have to run SP_DROPSERVER and SP_ADDSERVER procedures with required info....
    Check BOL for details.
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