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    Unanswered: Advantage ODBC & .NET connection

    Hello all. I have inherited a time clock system (Qquest) which uses an Advantage database (v.6.2, i think - trying to confirm that). Of course this is older than the support Sybase version.

    I'm trying to connect to the Advantage database through ODBC with the end goal of reporting on our Intranet using ASP.NET (development software = Visual Web Developer 2008 Express).

    I've installed what I've been told were the correct drivers and configured DNS using the same setup as the person that has used the time clock software since it's installation.

    I've tried every which way I can think of and whatever I could find online, but I can't get a live connection on my computer. The ODBC looks the same, but I get an Error 7077 while trying to access through VWD and an Error 7078 when trying Excel. I've been assured I'm using the correct password.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    It may be helpful to know your DSN information for your ODBC connection you have created.

    The 7077 error is: "The Advantage Dictionary cannot be opened." Here is a link to the error (from a newer versions help file):
    Advantage Error Guide

    Also, I would suggest you post this question and further ADS related questions to the appropriate Advantage newsgroup. The Newsgroup server is: You can find more information on them @



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