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    Unanswered: MDAC problem - Access database

    I have quite big problem with MDAC. I simply can´t create .udl file. I tried every repair tutorial I could find on net, also tried with reinstalling MDAC and JET on my computer(Win XP Pro SP3) but that also didn´t work. I have database with users and their login passwords made in Access and i want it to connect with login screen made in Dreamweaver. If anyone has solution for this, plz help. MDAC is killing me, really . Thank you in advance.
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    i doubt you will get much assistance on using a JET database from VB in the Access forum. Access has no such concept. if you need to connect via VBA in Access you would use an ODBC connection string

    so as I see it there are three options
    ..either there t'net (as ever Google is your matey)
    ..or we should move this to the VB thread
    ..or we leave it here and hope that someone who uses VB & JET databases and still uses the UDL method comes along
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