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    Unanswered: Unable to drop login on syabse v 4.3

    Hi all,
    I am using sybase v 4.3 central evaluation version on windows .I am accessing sybase through a web application to create ,drop users. I am able to add login ,but drop login is not working I am using exec sp_droplogin xxx command to drop user.Can any body tell me why it was happening

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    The login that you are trying to drop is more than likely the owner of a database, or it exists as a valid user or alias in one of the databases.

    You'll have to remove the user's access from all databases first before you attempt to remove the actual server login.

    If the user is a user in a database, you should also get an error returned similar to this :
    Server Message: Number 19587, Severity 16
    Server 'SYBASE', Procedure 'sp_droplogin', Line 281:
    User exists or is an alias or is a database owner in 'nnn' database(s).
    (1 row affected)
    (return status = 1)
    You might want to check out Rob Verschoor's "sp_rv_helplogin" from the procs at http://www.sypron****/new_ssp.html.

    Edit: Mmm, it kept mangling the URL on posting - real one is www-dot-sypron-dot-nl-slash-new_ssp.html.

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