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    Unanswered: date field problem

    hello freinds

    i am trying to import a .txt file which has a field for datetime
    for example:06/11 16:05:46 pm

    the purpose of this field is to sort data with respect to the newest data

    is there a way i can define my old datatime field ??

    i tried importing bt to vain ..

    any suggestions would be appreciated


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    06/11 is not a date. What year is that?

    is there a way i can define my old datatime field ??
    I don't understand this question.
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    its 2009

    thats my concern.. the year isnt there

    if that would have been there.. then i would have sorted easily with the help of queries .. newest to oldest...
    bt as the year isnt there.. i need to luk fr some other solution

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    if this is a one off then I'd suggest import it as text into a separate table

    then run an insert query that stuffs the new values into the existing table and reformats the text value to include the year. note if you are outside the thrall of sceptic land you will need to may the date mm/dd/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd.
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