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    Unanswered: Upgrading DTS packages to SSIS packages


    we are migrating SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. we have some DTS packages created in 2000 server. we want to migrate SQL Server 2000 DTS packages to 2005 SSIS packages.

    I came to know with three methods for migrating process. Can somebody suggest what is the best method to migrate the DTS packages to SSIS packages?
    1. Using SQL Server 2005 upgrade adviser
    2. Redesiging the new SSIS packages with same functionality of DTS
    3. Using migration wizards from BIDS(Businees Intelligence Development Studio)

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    You can install "The DTS Designer for SQL 2000" add on to SQL 2005 if you want the DTS packages to run on 2005, and migrate them as you see fit. I still have most of my DTS packages not migrated and they operate just fine, and some are pretty complex with embedded VB scripts, o/s calls, etc. You can edit and change DTS packages, but they say you cannot create new ones, but you can, simply edit an existing package, save as and viola, new package.

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    I downloaded SQL Server 2005 upgrade advisor and installed on my machine. when i tried to access the "Launch Upgrade Advisor Analysis Wizard" it is giving some error message if given instance name. Following is the error message i got:

    SQL Server version: 09.00.3073 is not supported by this release of Upgrade Advisor.

    Can some body plz assist me to resolve this issue?

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