This is the first time I've used this method. There were a lot case statements and etc so I used a stored procedure. I'm pulling te data but I'm not getting all the rows. I believe it has to do with nulls and option for nulls has been enabled in Crystal.

The statement for the srored procedre is:

SELECT [internal id],[provider last name],[provider middle initial],[provider first name],ssn,
[associated group],[fed tax id],[provider number],[provider type],address,county,state,zip,
occupation,[enrollment status],[enrollment status date],[hpp status],notes,[work status],
[work status date],[provider phone number],[provider fax number],[enrollment status id],
[business npi],bustaxcode,[individual npi],indtaxcode,ncpdp#,
'individual_business' = case
when [individual business] = '-1' then 'Yes'
Else 'No'
'sole_proprietor' = case
when [sole proprietor]= '-1' then 'Yes'
Else 'No'
'partnership' = case
when partnership = '-1' then 'Yes'
Else 'No'
'corporation' = case
when corporation = '-1' then 'Yes'
Else 'No'
'Non-profit' = case
when [non-profit] = '-1' then 'Yes'
Else 'No'
'LLC' = case
when LLC = '-1' then 'Yes'
Else 'No'
[owner name],[License/credential number],[type and expiration date],[injured worker name],
[claim number],[Date(s) of Service],
'Ongoing Care' = case
when [will care be ongoing Yes]= '-1' then 'Yes'
when [Will care be ongoing No]= '-1' then 'No'
else 'Null'
services,[date],[provider email],[billing address],[billing city],[billing county],
[billing state],[billing zip],[mailing address],[mailing city],[mailling county],
[mailing state],[mailing zip],[create date],
'MCO_REP' = case
when [MCO Rep ID] = 1 then 'Jennifer Gran'
when [MCO Rep ID] = 2 then 'Linda Syguda'
when [MCO Rep ID] = 3 then 'Lori Finnerty'
when [MCO Rep ID] = 4 then 'Cheryl Klopfer'
when [MCO Rep ID] = 5 then 'Kim Tolliver'
when [MCO Rep ID] = 7 then 'Admin'
when [MCO Rep ID] = 8 then 'Jackie West'
when [MCO Rep ID] >8 then 'MCO Rep Undefined, notify database Admin'
FROM [Provider Relations Info]
WHERE [MCO Rep ID] = 2

The procedure retrieves 151 rows and Crystal retrieves 8 rows.