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    Unanswered: Office/Windows Explorer incompatibility?

    There’s something wrong with my Windows Explorer (NOT IE). Every time I open it, it slows down the use of Office applications, such as Access or Excel, or causes them to crash altogether. Also, they take forever to open when Windows Explorer is open.

    When I shut down, I often get an error message saying that WE is having trouble closing.

    Even manually closing WE doesn’t help. Once I open it, the problems occur, even after I close it. The only thing that seems to help is to reboot.

    Can someone help?


    I'm using Win XP Pro, and Office 2K3.
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    I seriously doubt this is an Access problem.

    If it was my machine, I'd probably re-image it
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    Back in the old days there was a problem with access taking up a lot of resources of the computer.
    Upgrade ...
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    I'm only the app guy here. I guess I'll have to give it to the systems guy.


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    Check for programs such as winzip, winrar, adobe, etc. which are installed into your Windows Explorer shell as add-ins. These have a funny way of slowing things down. I had to go into the winzip setup to remove it from the Explorer shell (I'm not sure where you would remove it in Windows Explorer.)

    Also, if you're using Office 2007, I found the new "Search" feature (whatever it's called) to be very slow and cumbersome. I uninstalled it as it was slowing Office 2007 down.

    I also use PerfectDisk which keeps my harddrives defragged smoothly and running quick. You may want to defrag your hd.

    Other than the many, many, other possibilities, check your anti-virus/spyware programs to make sure they are not set to "check every file when opening" (or whatever the antivirus/spyware setting is called.) Depending on your antivirus program, this can slow things down.

    Last thing I can recommend - go to add/remove windows components (or Office) and somewhere there is a "Repair installation" or something like that. You could also try removing the windows explorer component and then adding it back in (I've never tried this though.)
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