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    Hi Sir/Madam

    I’ve got a workbook with two work sheets.

    Worksheet 1 = “PAYMENTS & CHANGE”
    Worksheet 2 = “RECORDS”

    In worksheet 1 I enter the customer name(I will actually use a name and ID number) and payment.

    I want to create a command button on worksheet 1 (lets name it PROCCESS) with a macro that will search through my list of customers in worksheet 2 and paste the payment and change information in the appropriate cells next to the corresponding customer’s name. I am going to have about 2000+ customers. So manually entering the data will take a very long time.

    I have attached an example of the worksheet if it helps. The worksheets are protected so that people can’t change information. The password for both sheets is 1234.

    I will appreciate any help.
    Thank you.
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    Right, what you want is possible, but I'm not sure that it's a good idea. Every time someone makes another payment or other transaction, you'll be over-writing their prior one. Also, if you ever end up with two customers of the same name, you'll only record transactions against the first one.
    If you like, I can knock something up for it.
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