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    Unanswered: Please help me with figure out how to do this...

    I would like to link a field (primary key) of the parent table (1,2,3) to match the children in the child table. So if Joe Williams has two children, his unique id is 1 and then in the child table his first child is 1a and second child is 1b. The next parent would be 2 etc. And as I add new students can Access automatically link these fields to create the right ID?

    I've tried everything...


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    Parents table
    ParentID Long
    ParentName Text

    Childrens Table
    ChildID - Long
    ParentID - Foreign Key to Parents Table
    ChildName - Text

    Let's have one record in Parents table
    ParentID=1 ParentName = "Joe Dow"

    Here is how we can add a child named "Malisha Ion" that is linked to "Joe Dow"

    Dim conConnection As ADODB.Connection
    Dim StrSQL As String
    Dim iAffected As Integer

    Set conConnection = CurrentProject.Connection
    StrSQL = "INSERT INTO Childrens (ChildName,ParentID ) Values " _
    & "(" & "'" & "Malisha Ion" & "'" & _
    ", " & 1 & ");"

    conConnection.Execute StrSQL, iAffected, adExecuteNoRecords

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    Thanks for your help. My only problem is that I was looking for an easy way to the link the tables without manually adding the parent ID to the child table. If I have 1000 parents I don't want to assign a number for each of them. Is there a way that the field will automatically populate by linking lastname and firstname? I tried this and when I run the query it's not coming out right.

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