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    Unanswered: Warning message when check boxes on a form are unchecked when clicking command button

    I have an Access database with a form called ‘Job Selected’. On this form is a Command button which opens another form called ‘Job Sign Off Confirmation’.
    On this ‘Job Sign Off Confirmation’ form is another Command button named ‘Yes’ (Command 5).
    When clicking the Yes button a text box named ‘SignOffDate’ on the ‘Job Selected’ form is populated with todays date.
    Managed to get this working with Poppa Smurf’s help.

    In addition the following is now required:
    On the form ‘Job Selected’ are two Check boxes called ‘Complying’ and ‘Transferred’. When clicking the Yes button on the ‘Job Sign Off Confirmation’ form it should also check if the two Check boxes mentioned above (on the ‘Job Selected’ form) are checked or not. If they are not checked I need a warning message to pop up listing which boxes need ticking.

    How can I achieve this?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Do something like:
    If NOT forms!frmJobSelected!Complying OR NOT forms!frmJobSelected!Transferred then
        msgbox "You fail!  Go fix it!", vbexclamation + vbokonly, "F--"
        Exit Sub  'may need to go to a label if this isn't ok to do
        'continue doing what you do
    End if
    Or something along those lines
    Me.Geek = True

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