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    Unanswered: Change location of DB2\NODE0000

    Hi all.
    I've accidentally deleted z:\DB2\NODE0000

    fortunately i succeeded with recovering the folder via an undelete tool.

    I've copied the folder structure into a different folder, on a different drive.

    Now... my question is , How can I change to location of the folder ?

    Sorry for the half baked question, I'm some what of a newbie in the world of DB2.

    I forget to add, I've read the 'MUST READ BEFORE POST" sticky,
    so I add the "about" info, I'm sorry for the mess, again, Total newbie here knee deep in it ...

    ================================================== ==========
    About DB2 Administration Tools Environment
    ================================================== ==========
    DB2 administration tools level:
    Product identifier SQL09052
    Level identifier 03030107
    Level DB2 v9.5.200.315
    Build level s080811
    PTF WR21411
    ================================================== ==========
    Java development kit (JDK):
    Level IBM Corporation 1.5.0
    ================================================== ==========

    on windows 2003 server SP2


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    You can try db2relocatedb command. It is in the manuals.


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