Good Afternoon!

I am trying to create a user interface that takes user selected information and uses it to query a table (all data in one table). The results from the query will be pasted into excel for analysis. It sounds easy enough, but I have been having a very difficult time.

It starts off with 6 columns where the user needs to select criteria. I created a form and put multi select boxes on the form. This gives the user the ability to select multiple criteria for each column. Since I can not link this up directly with the query, I pass the selections in a CSV format to a text box. My initial thought was that I could use the where site in ('a', 'b'), but that doesn't seem to work. Any other ideas how to pass multiple criteria to the query?

The next thing I am trying to accomplish is to create a column that gives the user the ability to choose what columns to add up in the table. I used multi-select boxes for this too. I also pass these selections to a text box. For example, the table has columns 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I want the user to have the ability to sum up multiple columns (1+3 or 1+2+4 etc)based on thier this even possible?

Is there a better way to go about building this? I was trying to make it as user friendly as possible since the end users have no database experience.

Thanks for your input.