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    Unanswered: 2008 install unclear

    i did this install so i can develop an asp application that uses the 2008 filesteaming.

    i downloaded and installed the trial 180 day sqlserver 2008, all looked good except
    i don't seem to have a 2008 instance installed/running. see attachment 1 for the discovery report of what is installed, the hpwja, (hp jetadmin) and sqlexpress (visual studio 2005) were already installed so 2008 seems to have taken them under its wing so to speak.
    it looks like i have 2008 but see attachment 2, pic from the management studio, there is no 2008 instance, just the hpwja and sqlexpress????
    if 2008 is truly there, what do i have to do to access it, so i can create a database, tables etc, etc???

    one thing i noticed on the install, see third attachment. it didn't have all the
    categories that a ms install video indicated, Installing SQL Server 2008 (SQL Server Video), i think one of which included filestream, so even though the install was very long and detailed it seems to have fallen short somewhere or i'm missing something very basic here
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    From the pics attached your SQL Server install looks ok... this just means you've got two instances of SQL Server on your machine.

    Just a guess but the HP Jetadmin has probably installed it's own instance of SQL Server express. Some software does this just so it can run it's own little database for reporting and managing inventories etc.

    You'll want to connect to the first instance in the second pic.

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    tried to start over, uninstall fails

    it appears you can't enable filestream in sqlexpress unless 64bit platform, i am 32bit, and also no filestream if ss2005 is installed. so tried to uninstall ss2005, so i can start over, followed ms instructions, to use add/remove programs, that fails with a lame msg and no log entry i can find anywhere to document failure.

    i would like to get to no ss2005, upgrade the 2005 hpwja to 2008, and have one instance of ss2008 (non express) where i can enable filestream. any ideas how i get to there from where i am now? (since i can't uninstall ss2005) see discovery rpt in first post.
    see attachment for full list of currently installed sql server programs
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