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    Question Unanswered: Form with Subform Datasheet shows too many duplicate main records.

    Hello all,
    I have built a database for my music CD collection. I would like to be able to search by track name and pull up the records that have only those tracks on them. I can do it to some extent but it isn't right. I have set up different parameters I can search by. They all work exactly how they should except for when I search by track name. I can have it one of 2 ways. I have 4 concerts in a table and 69 songs total for the 4 concerts. If I want the search to work when I open the Form I have to put all the tracks on the same query as the concert info. But when I open the form, instead of having 4 records with the list of songs for each concert. I get 69 records with the list of songs for each concert. So if there are 20 songs in one concert I get 20 records for that concert instead of just one like I want. If I want to show only the amount of records that corresponds to the number of concerts I have to disable the search by tracks function. I attached the dB. If someone could look at it I would be very grateful.
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