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    Question Unanswered: Migrating from 9.5 LUW to 8.0 z/OS

    I'm fairly new to DB2, but I've been asked to assist in porting our DB2 setup from 9.5 on Windows to 8.0 on z/OS. I realize full well that there are many commands/features that aren't supported going backwards like this. That actually isn't my problem. The task at hand that I need help with is: What is the suggested/easiest way to move the schema/data to z/OS?

    I've been googling around a lot and found _tons_ of information on how to export from z/OS to LUW but not the reverse. In fact someone else just built a ton of IXF files with everything in it, but I read last night that IXF LUW is not the same as IXF z/OS. Is there any conversion software?

    Any info at all, even just a general direction to point me in would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    ShakataGaNai, Here are some very basic steps I would take:

    Use DB2LOOK to generate the DDL. You will need to create your own Database and Table space DDL and create Stogroups as these z/OS items do not have matching/compatible DDL. The tables, Indexes, Constraints should be pretty close without much change. You will need to reference Database, Tablespace, and Stogroups in the Table and/or Indexes.

    To move the data, one of the easiest ways is to unload in CSV format. These files can be transferred to z/OS and loaded to the tables. If you can connect the two systems (you will need DB2 Connect), you can load the tables with a cursor (but I think the CSV/Transfer/Load will be faster).

    There is more involved around Authorizations and Stored Procedures / Functions and these can introduce some problems. For example, if any of your SQL uses OLAP functions, they are not available in z/OS v8 (I think they are available in z/OS v9 but haven't checked).

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