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    Unanswered: Promotional Send Contact Database

    Hi All,

    This is most likely a very simple task but I am a complete Access newbie and can't quite get my head around the best way to do this.

    This is for a record label that sends out promo cd's for its artists/releases to radio stations and reviews. There is a reasonably static list of contacts (radio and press) but they do get added to as the label finds/makes new contacts. The same thing for the cds that get sent although there'd be one or two a month added to the database.

    I know the various fields I'd need but what I don't quite understand how to set this up (or more correctly how to set it up efficiently) as each press/radio contact will have multiple cds sent to it and therefore each cd will will multiple contacts attached to it. Also if I would need to attach a date to each cd which represented the date it was sent to a specific contact (ie. the date could be different for each contact).

    If anyone could explain the basic concepts of how this should be set up I would be forever greatful!

    Thanks so much,


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    So you want someone to summarise how to create your database system for you?

    I'd say it might be time for a consultant! Seriously. Wouldn't one hour of time with a consultant be a better approach?? Just a suggestion because it seems this is out of place in a forum.
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    Asking for advice in a forum "out of place"? Perhaps it is in the is one but as I understand it these kinds of forums are here for folks to help each other out where possible. You can rest assured you're not losing any business here my friend, I'm doing a favour for the label to try to help their setup - there's no budget.

    Just to re-iterate I'm not after a summary of the while system setup rather just a few key conceptual ideas as to how that would work.

    Thanks anyway.

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    You'll need at least three tables - one for contacts, one for CDs and one for recording the date that a given CD was sent to a given contact.

    Do a few searches for "database normalisation", "referential integrity" and "intersection tables" to get started. Any hits that come back with "MVPS" in the URL will be well worth your time to read.
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