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    Hi there, here is what I need advice on:

    I have a text box and I need to perform a comparison between the numbers keyed in and a reference no., the thing is that this same text box some times may also have only letters.

    1st. How can I tell if the text box contains a number or a word? (there will never be a case where the input data be alphanumeric)

    2nd. Is the use of Val() the rigth way of converting text to number for the comparison?

    I must do this within VB


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    lots of permutations
    test if the value is numeric (use the isnumeric function) would I think be the best alternative
    you may need to also use NZ to test for null values
    unfortunately I don't think regular expressions are available in Access VBA
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    2nd. Is the use of Val() the rigth way of converting text to number for the comparison?

    - I thought it was Cint(...) but maybe I'm wrong.
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    1. If IsNumeric(X) Then....

    2. There are lots of type conversions that would work. CDbl(), CInt(), CLng(), CCur() to name a few. Val() might work too.
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    Thanks a lot guys, this will definitely help.

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    will convert the text X to a number if the leading character(s) are digits.



    will evaluate to a number if

    X is 123ABC.


    X is ABC123

    it will not evaluate to a number.


    will evaluate to False unless each character is a digit. This sounds like what the OP needs.

    Also, unless each character is a digit, the functions CInt, CDbl, and CLng will all throw a Type Mismatch error (Error 13)!

    Also, the OP should note that assuming that the textbox will never be alpha/numeric is very dangerous. IF you can think of it, some user will do it!
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    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Missinglinq, I will keep the alpha/numeric possibility in mind.

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