I'm attempting to install multiple versions of the IBM DB2 ODBC drivers. I have 2 DB2 servers - one running DB2 UDB v7.1 (Windows 2000) and the other DB2 UDB v9.0 (Windows 2003). On my workstation I have the v7.1 client installed and have set up connections to two databases (PROD1 on v7.1 & PROD2 on v9.0). I'm having some issues with a VB app accessing the PROD2 DB via ODBC with the v7.1 ODBC driver. I installed the v9.0 ODBC driver (following the instructions at - DB2 Database for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. I then defined the ODBC connection to PROD2 using the v9.0 ODBC driver. However when I try to connect to it via the "Data Sources" application or from Access, I get a "SQL1013N The database alias name or database name "" could not be found. SQLSTATE=42705." I have a PROD2 entry in the db2cli.ini file and can connect to the PROD2 db via the Client Configuration Assistant. Hope that all made sense.