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    Post Unanswered: Email SQL Server Event Alert : Deadlock : SQL 2005

    Hi folks,

    I was looking for some help in setting up alerts for deadlocks in 2005 ( SP2) .

    This is what I did

    1) set DBCC traceon 1222 ( global )
    2) created a SQL Server Event alert ( error # 1205 .. also tried with 1222)
    3) set the response (on the ALERT ) to run a job for emailing me on the same

    Now when I simulate the deadlocks; though the error log gets written down with all the info, the job for emailing never gets executed.

    I was wondering if you guys can review and help.

    Also, would it be possible to email the deadlock information in the SQL error log as a graph ( like the one we see in the profiler ) ..

    Thanks in advance!

    Warm Regards,
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