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Thread: selective sum?

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    Unanswered: selective sum?

    Just to briefly outline; in our application, Users can send Greetings to each other on behalf of a selected Charity. A Greeting may include an optional Gift, and if a Gift is included, they may add an additional donation of their choosing.

    I've got the following report query that pulls out a list of Charities with the total number of greetings sent on their behalf, along with the total value of Gifts and Donations made to them:

      c.idCharities, c.charityName,
      COUNT(g.idGreetings) AS totalGreetings,
      SUM(gi.giftValue) AS giftValueTotal,
      SUM(g.giftDonationAmount) AS giftDonationTotal
    FROM Greetings g
      INNER JOIN Charities c ON g.idCharities = c.idCharities
      LEFT JOIN Gifts gi ON g.idGifts = gi.idGifts
      (g.sendDate > c.lastPaymentDate)
      OR c.lastPaymentDate IS NULL
    GROUP BY g.idCharities
    ORDER BY c.charityName
    I need to build on this: I need to add a total for Gift Aid.

    There is another field in table Greetings; "giftAid", which will be 1 or 0.

    If it's 1, I need to add together the gift value for any gift attached to that greeting, and any donation amount that may have been included, and multiply that by a fixed number - currently 0.282 - to find out the total of Gift Aid that should be claimed.

    So I need to add something like:

    SUM (
    gi.giftValue WHERE g.giftAid = 1
    g.giftDonationAmount WHERE g.giftAid = 1
    )* 0.282
    ) AS totalGiftAid
    ... but clearly that's not working; I have no idea, however, how it should be structured. Can anyone help?

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    I don't clearly understand what you want to acheive, so consider this a SWAG but:
    Sum (CASE WHEN 1 = g.giftAid
       THEN i.giftValue * 0.282 END
    ) AS totalGiftAid
    At least it should give you some clues if it isn't what you want.

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