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    Unanswered: Log File Size

    I am having a DB of size 20 Gb, then what should be the minimum size of the log file & how should be the auto growth set for better performance. (Around 350users connect to my db at a time).
    And one more thing can I shrink my log file to a defined size (eg to 1 GB with its contents cleared)

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    Setting log file sizes requires some knowledge of both the database engine and the application that uses it. Does your database need FULL RECOVERY or will SIMPLE RECOVERY be sufficient for its needs? Is autogrowth needed, forbidden, or somewhere in between (based on your question it appears to be needed, but I'm not willing to assume that yet). You haven't told us enough about your appliaction for me to answer these questions. Once you know enough to answer these questions (which should take your exisitng application knowledge plus five or ten minutes reading about database backups to acheive), you probably will know how to configure your log file setting.

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    Question Log File Size

    Let me about my app & the configuration of the server.My app is a desktop based application which i have installed over no of locations (as clients) & my DB resides on a IBM Server X3650 (Intel Xeon Processor @ 2.66 GHz) with RAM - 6 GB & 6 Hard Disks Configured in this way (1 hard disk (130 GB) - For OS & SQL Server , 2 Hard Disks (140 GB Each) with Raid 1 - In this I have my App and the LDF files & SQL Sercers tempdb, 3 Hard Disks (140 GB Each) with Raid 5 - In this I have the MDF Files). SQL Server i am using is 2005 Enterprise Edition with SP3.

    As you assumed I have enabled the Log file Autogrowth. Currently I have kept SIMPLE RECOVERY (can u tell me what will be advantage in having FULL RECOVERY), turned off the AutoShrink property , set the initial size of my log file to 42 MB.

    My app needs more no of reads than the writes (but not very little writes). Also in the past few days i notice that after i take the backup of my db my log file size gets shrinked to 42 MB even though it has grown through out the day.

    I am not a DB expert just a learner.

    Also want to know that more the log file size will there be better performance ??

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