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    Unanswered: Database opened as read only.

    I recently had to make seperate Windows XP Pro account for all users of an Access 2007 database. The users are not Windows admins. Now when a user brings up the database, a message is displayed that says the databsase is open in read-only mode and changes can be made only to linked tables. The message wants the user to make a copy of the database in order to change it. The database is not split nor is it on a network so there are no linked tables. When the user tries to add or subtract to/from a parts quantity the quantity is not changed. Obviously this is not a design change, but simply a database function.

    What can I do to fix this problem?

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    most likely causes are
    either the db they are opening has read only file permissions (that could be why you are having problem with non XP administrator accounts as the file or directory is read only to non admins)
    or more likely someone has opened the file with exclusive permissions within Access.

    you cannot make design changes on an Access db which is shared. either deploy the app (mdb as as working copy ie no design changes allowed, or better yet as an MDE)

    check that each user opening this db isn't opening the app in exclusive mode and isn't making design changes. consider deploying the app with a separate back end (which stores the data) and each user has their own copy of the front end (the user interface) on their desktop

    there is some cunning code in the Access code bank that will assist on this matter
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    Thanks for the suggestions. It turned out that the "simple sharing" box needed to be unchecked and then some privileges changed. In other words, it was an operator/Windows setup error and had nothing to do with Access.

    One symptom that I encountered was that I would uncheck "read-only" for the database's directory, but when I went back to look at it "read-only" would be checked!


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    Yes, that particular windows "feature" *rolleyes* is quite confusing.

    I remember encountering that one when Windows XP was first released. Had me going for a couple of hours ^^
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