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    Question Unanswered: Can't Update Datasheet (Index problem)

    Hi guys -

    I have a query that pulls data from 4 tables and is displayed in a datasheet in a subform for editing.

    The problem is, none of the data can be edited and I think I have the problem nailed down to an indexing issue. 1 table is a users table and 3 of them are SELECT statement views of a Compensation table. The index on the compensation table is a combination of user id and year (So 100001 and 2008) since it contains yearly compensation data for all employees.

    So I changed the index to an autonumber but still no luck. After removing two of the compensation views (reducing the number of joins to one) the data was then able to be edited.

    However, I really would like to get this working the original way, if anyone has any recommendations I'd greatly appreciate it.


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    I'd suggest not using datasheets for data entry. it may have a use in read only / data analysis.
    use a form/sub form paradigm
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