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    Unanswered: Any way to capture failed SQL transactio in form?

    HI. I've got a "contacts" form in Access with an sql express 2008 table as record source.

    I added a default button in Access to delete the contact currently being viewed.

    if the contact exists as a foreign key in another table, then it is not allowed to be deleted.

    The problem is when I press the delete button adn this is the case, there is no dialogue, or ODBC error or any indication of the problem, and the contact is not deleted.

    How can I trap this error? and why isn't SQL server sending me back an error that the transaction has failed?

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    what code are you using to issue the SQL to the server?
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    I didn't write the code it's just Access's default "RunCommand" - "Delete Record".

    BUT in looking for the code I found a field called "On Error" and it was set to next. I've now set it to Fail and the error message shows :-)

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