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    Unanswered: working query not working as filter

    I have a macro that runs a query as a filter then opens a form. The problem I am having is the query alone works perfect, but if I use the query as a filter it doesn't work the same. The query currently works to where it selects the Top 1 as learned the other day. I can not figure out why when I use the Macro section to openform and use the query as a filter it will not select just 1 record. I do not want reps to be able to scroll from record to record but they need to be able to have the 1 record pulled from the DB in front of them and input information as need. Then go to the next record.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    Why not just set the recordsource property with a sql string based on criteria? You can do this by simply me.recordsource = "MyQueryName" (where MyQueryName is "filtered" using criteria and sorted the way you want.)

    It's easier than trying to apply a kind of filter and less problematic.
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