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    Question Unanswered: Query displaying a single record multiple times

    I have form with mostly unbound fields. My method of posting the data to the table where I need it to be stored is via an append query. My submit button initiates the append query, which will extract the data from the form properly, however, when it pulls the info off of the form it lists multiple records with identical data. The number of query records it lists matches the number of real records that already exist in the destination table. Since the data is duplicate it only actually posts it once so it's not creating duplicate records in my table, but when the append query finishes, I also initiate a select query that the dB emails to certain recipients. The select query behaves exactly like the append query in regards to the multiple records displayed.

    Has anyone every experienced this problem? If so, how did you fix it?

    I would appreciate any help provided by the dB of knowledge here.

    Thank you

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    HOw about posting the SQL for the query so we can look at it?
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    My guess is you have a recordsource that includes a table that is on the many side of the relationship to the table that holds the single records.

    Without anything further though, it's all guesswork.
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