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    Thumbs up Unanswered: query returns data very slow in MVIEW OF 1 database but in 2nd database works fast

    i have two databases when i execute one query of mview it gives me quick result as comapre of 2nd database result, query same,same indexing,same tables of mview ,same result but processing speed very slow as compare with other.
    i made partition tables but when i run the query it gives me quick but when i come to another day same query will give me result slow. guide me please


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    Based upon the number & depth of the details provided, the solution is obvious.
    You need to find the difference & correct it.
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    I don't believe the OP.
    Post -
    num of rows of each object
    last analyzed
    list of indexes and columns
    explain plan from identical sql with timing and statistics
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