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    Unanswered: SSIS data transformation

    Well ,
    I am basically using Data source--> data transformation--> data flow destination method in SSIS to transfer my data from a flat file source to a SQl table.

    Do we have any transformation component or any other technique which allows me filtering the data? I mean i don't want all the records in the destination table instead of that I want to execute a select query before all the records are loaded to the destination table. How can I do that??


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    I've moved your question from Database Concepts and Design Forum into the Microsoft SQL Server Forum so that it will be more likely to get an answer.

    The objects in an SSIS package are fundamentally snippets of VBA that manipulate ADO objects. There are multiple ways to filter a query from a data source. If you are using the GUI tools, I'm not much help... I rarely use them myself, but I believe that you can right-click and select the Properties on the pop up menu to add or change the filter.

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    Thank you very much Pat for moving my post to the right place.

    And to the answer to answer my question: Actually I came across on transformation component called " look up transformation component" That actually helps little bit in filtering the query with the help of select statements.

    Thank you very much for you r concern and your help

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