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    Red face Unanswered: Repeatedly losing Informix ODBC connection

    Have an application (access 97 front end) that has been happily interacting with a much larger database via Informix ODBC for several years from multiple PCs.
    So Have been using informix ODBC for years and have had the "pleasure" of using the INformix Setnet as well. Happily sending Pass Through queries that do simple selects or that write to certain tables and also displaying data from certain tables via linked tables in our Access front end.

    All continues to work fine (on 20 odd PCs) except on ONE PC - if you do not use the ODBC for a certain length of time say 10 minutes then the connection is lost and the only way to reconnect is to shut access down and restart.
    i have compared the set net on one PC that is working with the one that isnt
    no obvious setting that would make a difference but the About Setnet 32 says 3.50.TC3 on the one with problem but says 2.90. 2.90.TCS on the one without the problem.
    I do not have rights to install / setup the ODBC - my next step is going to be requesting a re install of the ODBC drivers - any ideas much appreciated.

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    IFX_NODBPROC might be the answer

    On looking further i see there is an enviroment option called

    according to what i have found
    The IFX_NODBPROC environment variable lets you prevent the database server from running the sysdbopen( ) or sysdbclose( ) procedure. These procedures cannot be run if this environment variable is set to any value.

    i will have to put a setting in there (or ask someone else do it if i can't save it )
    and see what happens

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    If it's only the one PC, I'd suspect something else, like perhaps the network card. Try running a constant ping to the database server from a command window and see if you're getting packet loss at any time, particularly when the connection drops.

    Otherwise, re-install the informix odbc drivers - I doubt IFX_NODBPROC will do a great deal.

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    You were right about IFX_NODBPROC not doing much. I thought sysdbclose( ) procedure that was mentioned might cause the connection to close but what it does is the IFX_NODBPROC can cause the sysdbclose() procedure to run on close.
    ANYWAY many thanks for your suggestion re the pinging will try this
    if I have this problem again - this time a re install of ODBC drivers and careful setting up of the enverioment variable options did the trick (i do not have admin rights so have to wait for someone else to do it and then if it doesnt work get back to them - frustrating) and the original setup of the ODBC looked quite OK

    thanks once again for the reply - appreciate it

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