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    Unanswered: Task Center Error

    Hi Experts,

    My task center is show some error when i click to view the details.

    It shows the current time on schedule and not showing the exact time i gave on the schedule and i am not able to create new tasks.

    Please help


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    You might get some help if you post the error, your DB2 version, your OS, and what you are trying to do.


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    Thanks for the reply
    I am not getting any error.The problem before me is that when i check the task schedule its showing current time. I tried to create a new task with repeating schedule in that case its show current time and the schedule changed to one time task.

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    you mean it is only scheduled ones and not repeated ?
    after first schedule has run, it will re-schedule the job for next schedule to run
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    For the old schedules its working fine but not showing the correct schedule.It will show the current time. For new schedule it wont work and show the current time and date with run once.

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