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    Unanswered: SystemInfo - Compile Error User Defined Type not Defined

    Using this line of code to get the UserName from SystemInfo and i'm getting the error, User-defined Type Not Defined.

    In a Module

    Option Explicit


    Dim sysUser As SystemInfo
    Set sysUser As New SystemInfo

    When I'm typing 'SystemInfo' isn't on the auto pop up list, so my question is what am I missing, that access isn't 'seeing' the SystemInfo Variable Class.

    Thank you for your help,

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    I always use Dev Ashish's fOSUserName function. Never had a problem. See if it works for you.
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    Thanks Nick,

    I just figured out why... I didn't load the Class Module SystemInfo Paul Kohn used in his database. *Hand to head*

    So SystemInfo is a user defined variable in the class module that is big and doing a ton of extra stuff that I don't seem to need and more importantly don't understand what the most of the class is doing.


    The link you posted. Which i reconize some of from the MSDN searches I've done.

    Thanks again Nick

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