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    Unanswered: Db2 9.5 behaviour in Solaris 10


    we are using db2 9.5 in solaris 10. DB2 is clustered and we are using SAN as storage . We r facing a wierd problem with db2. The database takes a long time to connect (3-5 min and sometimes more than 5 hours ) . The database usage by our application is very minimal. One DB we are using for Msgbroker , 2nd DB for Application and 3rd for Logging.

    We are having 3 databases of which 1 is connecting very fast (APPLICATION DB in secs ) .. we have tuned the kernel parameters also ... We have also kept most of the db cfg as AUTOMATIC ..

    set msgsys:msginfo_msgmax=65535
    set msgsys:msginfo_msgmni=3584
    set semsys:seminfo_semmni=4096
    set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=15099494
    set shmsys:shminfo_shmmni=4096

    We have set the above by running "db2osconf -m 64 -n 4" ( memory = 64GB , cpu -4)

    Please help us on this ........

    thanks ..

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    How long does it take you to connect to the db from the command line? Is it just the first connection to the db that is taking a long time? Try to activate the db using the activate db command and then compare the results.

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    Hi Bella... Thanks for your reply ...

    i have resolved this issue ... the problem was with the Netbackup tape drive . When given a connection request db2 first logs the request and then only logs in .. my problem was that netbackup program was repeatedly trying to access these files and it was taking long time to return the control to db2 ....

    Thanks anywayzz ....

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