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    Looking for advice on database design


    I am looking for some advice on a databse design.
    I am in the process of developing an application for our in house training team.

    What we are trying to achieve is to have an admin select a workarea which has a pre-defined set of Training elements in it.
    These elements can be removed if required from the pre-defined list before adding to the employees record.

    What is the best way to model this?
    I have had a go but i am not convinced that this is correct.
    I am open to any advice.

    I have attached the EAR diagram.

    many thanks



    I have been working on this solution and now have a more , hopefully improved ear.(Uploaded)
    If anyone can comment on this i would be very greatful.

    Many thanks

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DATABASE EAR DIAGRAM.jpg  
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