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    Question Unanswered: A problem with sendobject method???

    Hi there,

    I'm quite new at this and really could use some help. I have created a
    database that stores contacts and their details. In addition to this I
    needed to put in a function to remind me to call them after a period
    of time (a day, week, month etc..). So what I did was to create a
    subroutine within the main contacts form as follows

    Private Sub On_Timer()
    If [Email] = True Then

    If [FollowUpDate] < Date Then

    DoCmd****nMacro "Contact Form Macros.SendEmail", 1
    [Email] = False

    End If

    End If

    End Sub

    Where [Email] is a tick box to confirm that the user wants to send an
    email and the Macro sends an email using the fields of the displayed
    record to populate the to and subject fields.

    However, I have realised that this will only send the email when the
    user looks at that specific record and so is a little useless as a
    reminder. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can create an
    email reminder system based on all of the records stored in the
    contact table?

    Any help would be great and stop my hair tugging!!!


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    Sure; create a query that has those 2 criteria, so it will pull any matching records. Open a recordset on that query. In a Do While Not rs.EOF loop, send out your emails, using values from the recordset.

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