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    Unanswered: db2 replication setup basic simple steps through command

    current task - setup sql replication 2 db2 servers. difficulty i m facing (replication through gui control centre is pretty slow.) new to db2

    can any body help in explaining in simple steps how to setup replication throguh command line.

    to make it simple i've the below env db2 on unix enviorment.

    have server A , database dbsource , table A column a
    server B , database dbdestination , table A column a.

    wanted server B should get sync with server A every 5 miutes.

    question -
    #1> is it possible to setup replication through command line ie syntax

    #2> what are the steps i need to do ie what sould be my first step , 2nd step etc ,if i want to setup throguh command line.

    #3> is it possibel to write SP / avaiable , which will take input parameter (source server,db,table , destination server,db,table etc )& will setup the repication.

    #4> how to create monitoring jobs which will check & alert if replication is in sync ?

    appriciate you're time & inclination help ...hope to get a solution.


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    When I needed replicaiton command line scripts, I always generated the commands via the GUI (and then Show SQL) and then saved the commands so I could run them again. It is very complicated to try and do without the GUI the first time.
    M. A. Feldman
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    replication setup through command line

    replication gui screen gets hung while setting up the replication.

    is there any other alternative to gui replication setup...?

    if any body have the script similar to this setup ... ?

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    You can use the "asnclp" script to set up replication.
    Knut Stolze
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