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    Unanswered: Help with office map with database

    I am working on a project in which I am supposed to make a map of the office that is clickable and will bring up information regarding the inventory in each person's office. I have the inventory in Access & a copy in excel at the moment. And I have the image of the map.

    The access database has fields for employee name, computer, monitor, etc. On my map I want to display the employee name in their respective office and then be able to click on that name and have it bring up the rest of the inventory info for that employee.

    I'm a little new working with this type of stuff, so any help at all is appreciated.


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    ok so there are varioous issues here
    one is how do you know where someone has clicked
    well you could use a HTML hotspots style clickable map
    or you could montior the mouse position and note where it clicks
    convert that into coordinates and then convert that location into a named space

    how you do that is upto you.
    but you could say define a bounding box wihtin the db that identifies, say, the watercooler is between X,y and X1, Y1.

    Say X was 50
    Y was 75
    X1 is 75, y is100
    then you can find the location where the mouse click was between those locations ie mouseup.X>=X and Mouseup.X<=x1 and mouseup.Y>=Y and mouseup.Y<=Y1 and
    form that you knwo the location within the build so you can then retrieve all details for that localtion
    if you are feeling cocky you could do it on the gly as part of the mouse move event
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