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    Question Unanswered: Update a record with highest date

    I am trying to select a record out of 40 with the highest date, to update. How should I do this.

    col1 col2 col3 col3
    ab1 xy2 lm3 date1
    ab1 xy4 lm3 date1
    ab1 xy5 lm3 date2 (higherst)
    ab1 xy6 lm3 date1

    I would like to selct the record for highest date2 and update lm3 to lm33.

    How do I do this?

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    Post DDL for table.
    Post DML for test data.
    Post expected/desired results (that matches test data).
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    Something like
    update your_table t1 set
      t1.col3 = lm33
    where t1.col4 = (select max(t2.col4)
                     from your_table t2
                     where t2.col1 = t1.col1
    In other words: find the maximum COL4 date (possibly for every COL1 - thus the WHERE clause) and update this record's COL3 column to a new value.

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    Thank you folks. I am sorry I wasnt able to respond sooner.

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