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    Unanswered: Retriving BLOB file In ref cursor using join query


    I am using ref cursor to return resultset to java application from procedure as SYS_ref cursor as out parameter, in cursor i want blob file to java appliction, actually i wrote query for cursor is

    select a.col1,a.col2,b.col1,c.blobcol from
    tableA a,tableB b, TableC c
    where and

    i am getting the error that---- inconsitent datatypes expected-got BLOB,
    if write query for BLOB file individually its selecting fine like
    select BLOBCol into Timp_blob from documents where id=12.
    if am writing cursor query(join query) i am getting above error, i researched in google, in one article i found that in join querys you cannot retrive blob files, actually i want to fetch record of customer and his attached file in cursor at atime, that's the reason i used join query to get blob file. any help please--------------------- urgent.

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    No Operating System name or version
    No Oracle version number (from v$version).
    No error message (not your interpretation of the actual full and complete message).
    No DDL.
    No DML.
    No expected results.
    No help is possible at this time.
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