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    Unanswered: revert from 16K to 4K in DB2?


    I had a table in a 4K tablespace in DB2 v8.2 on AIX. The trouble was as the size of the table was growing rapidly, hence i had to shift it to a 16K tablespace. Now, i have migrated to DB2 9.1.7 on AIX and have enabled large tablespace in 4K and 16K. And to utilize large tablespace benefits, I have also done a reorg.

    As the application recommends that the table should remain in a 4K tablespace (otherwise u fetching will be more) I want to migrate it back to a 4K tablespace. The trouble is while creating the table through DDL, editors replies:-
    SQL0670N The row length of the table exceeded a limit of "4005" bytes.

    There has been no changes (no new column added or subtracted or altered since old migration). How to get around this? Thanks in advance.

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    Why don't you humor us and post the exact DDL you submitted.
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    Wow, this is a difficult question. Let me recap:
    - you use 16K pagesize now and you want to convert to a smaller size
    - the row does not fit into a 4K page
    - IBM default pagesize is 8K now

    No sorry, serious now
    Did you try to use separate tablespaces for "normal" data and LOB's? Like this:
    create table whatever
     (col_this ...
      col_that ...
     )    in your_04K_tablespace
    LONG  in your_16K_tablespace ;

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