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    Unanswered: Where can i get service pack relase info...

    Hi Everyone,

    Am new to SQL Server Administration.

    My question, is there is any standard official web-site where we can know all the service pack related information and what is the latest hot fix inofrmation , what is the latest SQL Server database version that Microsoft released.??

    Basically am searching for the service packs in Google and that to if someone tells that SP1 has released for SQL 2008.

    As a DBA, just want to know where can we get this information so that we will be aware of Service Pack releases and so on ....

    Thanks in advance!

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    Depending on version, etc you have to start at SQL Server 2008 Overview, data platform, store data | Microsoft and follow the links to the appropriate version. The information on service packs is always within three clicks of there, but you have to figure out which clicks are appropriate for your particular installation.

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