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    I need to create a UAT environment. Only one server is available to me and I already have the development database on it (say Mydb), so I have to create the UAT database with another name (say Mydb_UAT).

    What is the simplest way to do it ?
    Can I do it using 'load database' command ? In the manual I cannot find the syntax to load a database with a different name.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    You can load using a dump from any db of the same size

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    U can create a database by using the create database with load option and when u create a database check Mydb size and create one "Mydb_UAT" with similar size and load the database mydb in mydb_UAT.
    suppose if your database name dump name is /backup/mydb.dmp then u can load as
    1>load database mydb_UAT from "backup/mydb.dmp" 2>go

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