I'd been looking for a solution for a while on this. I had been looking at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon's Event Notification System (ENS) but found both of these too involved. For AWS, I believe you have to both be a pro merchant and pay additional web service fees by data usage. For ENS, I found it pretty difficult to setup, also, I didn't want to have to install the Java developer's kit and Eclipse which are both substantial.

I found a program that Amazon has made available called ASON (Amazon Service Order Notifier). After you install it and setup the security certificate, it puts a (small) program on your startup registry (and icon in notification area) that basically pulls new orders according to the settings you provide. I set it up to check every 4 hours and to include the past 30 days in its search. The program itself allows to export to CSV to bring into Excel however I wanted to skip this step. In the program files for the program (C:\Program Files\Amazon\Amazon Services Order Notifier) there is an MDB file with 2 useful tables, one for order information, the other for the corresponding item information. These tables provide the same info as is available in the new order reports available on Amazon.com as well as a few other useful fields which are not available on the reports. I am now in the process of linking my current MS Access database to the two tables, will probably have to setup linked tables as read-only. I'm also going to go to the taskbar properties and "always hide" the ASON icon so that I don't see a popup notification every four hours if I have orders.

I was looking for something like this for a while so I thought I'd share in case anyone else is looking for a similar solution. I'm still trying find a way to push order confirmation info back into Amazon, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Joshua

You can download ASON at:
Amazon.com: Help*>*Selling at Amazon.com*>*Manage Orders*>*Amazon Services Order Notifier (ASON)