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    Unanswered: Can someone help me with this

    I have form bas on Table that has these fields [ID] [Salesdate] [SerailNumber] [BookNumber] [EndingNumber] and the table name is TblSales. How do I code for a form that will show me all [SerialNumber] where there was [EndingNumber] on the perivious date but there is no EndingNumber entered on current date. Forexample

    [ID] [Salesdate] [SerailNumber] [BookNumber] [EndingNumber]
    1     07/01/09    1234              1022             125
    2     07/01/09    1222              1028             130
    3     07/02/09    1234              1022             156
    In this senerio I would like to see SerialNumber 1222 since there was entery on the previuos date but no entery on today.
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    Look at "DemoSerialNumA2000.mdb" (attachment, zip).
    Open Form1 and try.
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    sorry don't understand the logic of what you are trying to do with that......
    mebbe its me..
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