Hi all,

I am trying to set a table up for SQL replication. The replication is a 2-way one, both from source to target and target to source. I created the tables, CD_tables, altered the table for DATA CAPTURE CHANGES, and added the entries in the REGISTER table. Now when I start capture I get the following error:

2009-07-02- ASN0009E CAPTURE "ASN" : "WorkerThread". The registered source table "EMP"."MASTER" does not have the DATA CAPTURE CHANGES attribute.
2009-07-02- ASN0008I CAPTURE "ASN" : "Initial". The Capture program was stopped.

I checked the SYSCAT.TABLES and the DATACAPTURE column is set to "Y". I couldn't find any errors in the REGISTER entries when compared to other entries.

Can anyone shed some light on what is causing this capture error?

Thanks a lot in advance,