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    Unanswered: Ingres - Show origin of user session


    We have an Ingres 2006 set up so that users can connect to it through vnodes on remote machines. When I list sessions with ipm I only see the username, not from which vnode the session originated from. I've also tried to find the hostname in the ima_server_sessions table in the imadb database, but the server column always reports that the sessions are coming from the local machine (where the server is running), but this is not true.

    How can I find out from which vnodes (remote machines) the users starts the sessions?


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    IPM doesn't show what you want (it should, but doesn't). You can use iimonitor and the SHOW USER SESSIONS FORMATTED command. Or you can use IMA and look at the client_host column from the ima_server_sessions table in imadb.

    You might also want to try the comp.databases.ingres newsgroup, or the Ingres Forums at Ingres: The Leading Business Open Source Database.

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