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    Unanswered: stack overflow error

    I currently use extensively Paradox I have also used many earlier versions, dating back to DOS 2.5.

    Suddenly after years of perfect running, I frequently get an error message: Unexpected stack overflow error. Not all the time. Only sometimes, and the program freezes and closes down. When I get the message seems related to what I have been doing before. It sometimes (but now always) fixes it to restart Windows.

    I am not doing anything in Paradox which is very complex. Maybe running a query, then opening a report and changing the table to the answer.

    I have tried removing and reinstalling the program (it was included on Corel WordPerfect X3). I have tried "rebuilding" tables -a tool within the program. But, I am beginning to think that there may be a registry issue or something outside the actual functioning of the program. that might fix this. Like can I increase the stack capacity?

    I use Paradox extensively in my business, printing invoices, etc, and all my lists of customers, etc. are in Paradox tables, so I must get it working consistently or I'm out of business.

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    Unexpected stack overflow error.

    actually, that's usually related to recursive function/procedure calls.. code A calls code B, which calls A again, which calls B again ,etc.. in that regard, increasing the stack just forestalls the same thing..
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