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    Unanswered: Double approval process

    Hello Everyone,
    I would like your opinion on a project I am working on. I have a table that contains sensitive information and we want to have 2 people basically sign off on any Modifications, additions, deletions etc...
    My database has a sign in system where I am able to retrieve who signs in. How can I construct a form where a user will be displayed the form containing the information located in the table and for any modifications, deletion or addition place them on hold until someone else doesn't sign in and approve the request?

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    You mean like "reserve" the record, making changes impossible for others?

    If so, then what you'd have to do is have a field for it in the table and when the user wants to reserve or lock the record, write to that field. Then, in your BeforeUpdate for the form you can examine the field and if it's reserved, Cancel = True. You could also set AllowEdits to False if the field indicates the record is reserved in your On Current for the form.

    Hopefully that will set you in the right direction
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