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    Unanswered: Never mind...

    I have a bound combo box on my form. I want to populate some other fields based on the response selected for the combo box. I have this code entered in the AfterUpdate Event -- however, it doesn't appear that this code is being run at all. I've put in breaks - nothing. I put in code to display a message (MsgBox "I made it to AfterUpdate") -- nothing (a corresponding box placed in the BeforeUpdate event does appear). I can see that the control is being updated. I am totally perplexed - does anyone have any suggestions??

    ETA: Murphy's law. As soon as I posted this, I realized that there was a typo which was causing the code not to compile and not run... (need a smacking my head emoticon!)
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    You mean like this one?

    This site needs a lot more smilies imo.
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    just the one I was thinking of...

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