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    Red face Unanswered: Running both Crystal 8.5 and XI versions


    I support a machine that has both 8.5 and version XI loaded, but get an error when trying to start a report from a VB program using Craxdrt - cannot create object.

    I think I have the wrong version of craxdrt.dll registered, but when I register a later version the old 8.5 reports dont run. I have heard a suggestion that you can register a dll from two path files, and that a program will use the version that is in its program directory before looking elsewhere. Is that correct?

    Perhaps simplier if I clarify my specific situation - I have legacy Crystal 8.5 reports and later Crystal XI reports that are both happily running on a Terminal Server, so I presume they must be using different versions of dll's somehow. I have added a Crystal XI report to the application already using XI, but it fails with "cannot create object" when doing the following
    Dim CRXApplication As New Craxdrt.Application
    Dim CRXReport As Craxdrt.Report
    Set CRXReport = CRXApplication.OpenReport(strDir & "\Home\" & strReportName, 1)

    The craxdrt.dll on the Terminal Server is from 2001, and if I register a later version (2005) some Crystal 8.5 reports dont work. So I am wondering if I can place craxdrt.dll and its dependencies wherever the other Crystal XI stuff is, so my report works without affecting the 8.5 reports.

    Questions then are - How can I determine where to put a later version of craxdrt.dll and what do I have to put with it, and do I register any of it or will it just work?

    Probably difficult to answer without knowing more?

    Regards and thanks
    Thanks and Regards
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